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Ask the Make-up expert: Skincare routine tips

This week we've asked Sadie Slade-Smith, our fabulous Coraline Skincare team member and make-up artist for nearly 20 years for her advice on how to get the most out of your Coraline Skincare products in your routine.

She is also giving her pro make-up artist tips on how to use our skincare to boost your make-up for a summer glow. 

Watch the video above and read more tips from Sadie below!

Lots of these questions have arisen during her weekly Cleanse and Glow treatments where she shares so much knowledge with customers (if you haven't had one, book yours here!).

Always apply your oils to damp skin (make sure you shake them first!), either post cleanse or after a spritz of our Botanical Balance Calming Facial Tonic - this really helps to boost skin hydration and the oils can lock-in moisture.

Less is more! We are so conditioned as skincare consumers to think 'more is better' and slather on our skincare products but Coraline Skincare is not watered down. The super-rich concentrated formulas mean you only need one or two pumps of our facial oils per use. Equally, a pea-size amount of our Immortelle Everlasting Radiance Facial Balm goes a very long way!

I often get asked if people can use oils in their AM as well as their PM routine and it's a definite yes! Apply oil to damp skin before applying make-up; it gives a really gorgeous glowy finish!

You can also mix your Immortelle Everlasting Radiance Facial Balm with your foundation to give a more sheer, dewy finish - beautiful in summer!

The Luminous Lavender Pure Bliss Oil Cleansing Balm should always be taken off with a warm cloth. Make sure the water is nice and warm (but not piping hot as very hot water can kill the good bacteria in our skin's flora and upset the microbiome).

The Luminous Lavender Pure Bliss Oil Cleansing Balm is great as a deep cleanse option 1-2 times a week (or as a daily cleanse if you have dry or dehydrated skin). It melts away make-up without stripping the skin, even waterproof mascara and eye liner!

I always keep a mini pot of Saving Grace Repair and Replenish Body Balm in my make-up kit (and handbag!) as it's a super conditioning lip balm. Great to nourish lips before you apply lipstick if you suffer from dry, flaky lips.

And don't forget for those warmer days ahead, have a mini Botanical Balance on the go to refresh your make-up!

If you have any questions for Sadie about how to use your products, you can email and she will be delighted to help.

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