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How do we try to help?

We are just starting out on our journey and we are fully committed to doing, and being, the best we can and to making it as easy as possible for you to recycle and re-use our packaging. A great deal of research, care and love has been put into every single element of all our products from ingredient sourcing, through to ensuring that our processes are as sustainable as they can possibly be


Our soap packaging is made from fully recycled and recyclable cardboard pulp which is free from toxic dyes, glues or bleach. The pots for our balms are compostable. These are made from plant binders, and woodchips, which are a by-product from the wood industry, and are all derived from sustainably managed forests.

All of our plant-based raw materials are sustainably grown and GMO-free. All our other labels or stickers are printed using vegetable based ‘eco friendly’ toners on recycled or FSC recyclable paper.

No compromises

Organic farming by its very nature is kinder to the environment and does not pollute the soil or the air with chemical pesticides, so we are proud to work to this standard across the board, and we will never compromise on that.

We do not, and will never knowingly, use any products which have been air-freighted. We also ensure that any supplier we buy from offers packaging which is reusable and recyclable. We pay 10% more for our extra virgin olive oil to be packed in 5 Litre ‘BPA FREE' tins, which are much greener to reuse and recycle. We also buy as many of our ingredients in the largest size packs we can to reduce the packaging.