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Skincare for perimenopausal and menopausal skin

Learn more about how hormonal changes in our body can affect our skin and the power of natural, organic skincare as we age.

What do our customers tell us?

Customers talk to us about how the perimenopause/menopause/postmenopause has affected their mood, energy levels, inflammation, joints, osteoporosis, insomnia, fatigue, memory, focus, metabolism, hormone related issues, allergies and much more and, of course, their skin.

In terms of their skin we often hear of one or more of the following issues from our customers:

  • Dry and irritated skin.
  • Occasional hormonal breakouts.
  • Intolerance to foods such as gluten or dairy which was never the case before (resulting in persistently red/itchy skin) In our experience no product can alleviate this, only the removal of the food from diet.
  • Intolerance to skincare products which was never the case before.

Coraline skincare co-owner, Liz, is in her late 40s 


What happens to our skin?

Our skin is affected by the decrease in oestrogen and progesterone and also in collagen and ceramide production which reduces as we age.

Progesterone stimulates the production of oil glands in our skin. Oestrogen is important for how hydrated our skin feels and the production of collagen and ceramides help with skin firmness and elasticity.

The loss of oestrogen leads to a loss of moisture in the skin, which causes skin to feel dry and sensitive. Due to its sensitivity, skin can become red, or develop a rash from products which had previously felt fine to use. This necessitates a different approach to skincare, when things that worked in our 20s and 30s may no longer suit our skin.

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How does our skincare help?

Our products are kind to the skin because they do not contain any chemical preservatives which may irritate sensitive skin. This is because our skincare is waterless and therefore does not require preservatives (when water and oils are mixed as a product, they need preservatives to prevent bacteria formation).

As all of our ingredients are either organic or wild foraged, and completely natural they do not irritate the skin and contain beneficial properties which help to stimulate the skin’s in-built collagen production.

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How do our products help to stimulate the skin’s collagen production?

Our products can help to stimulate the skin’s production of collagen for skin elasticity as many of the organic cold-pressed oils contain Vitamins A and C, which naturally boost collagen production when applied directly to the skin.

Sufficient levels of Vitamin C are vital for our skin’s production of collagen as without it our body is unable to produce or store collagen. Vitamin A slows down the age-related breakdown of collagen, whilst also helping to increase the skin’s collagen production. You can find both Vitamin A and Vitamin C in plentiful supply in our ‘You Must be Sisters’ Facial Oil.

You Must Be Sisters - Collagen And Ceramides Boosting Facial Oil


Our mission and purpose is for you to feel happy and confident in your own skin.

Buy your face a drink to say thank you, and let it lap up the hydrating power that will leave it soft and dewy. It not only feels luxurious and long lasting, but we believe you will also notice an improvement in how your skin looks and feels day after day. Just don't forget to take your ID with you when you leave the house.

Unlike many mass-produced moisturisers and serums, it is completely free from any harsh chemical preservatives, mineral oil (petrochemicals) or other artificial chemical elements. Many of these ingredients can deliver superficial results but over time they can affect your skin by stripping away the natural fatty acid lipids in your face which form part of your skin's protective barrier and leave it looking and feeling dry and irritated.

Quite simply, our skin is not designed to be exposed to these heavily processed elements in every product that we use, day after day. In the same way that we are all more aware that eating highly processed foods is not good for our health and wellbeing, there is growing understanding that the same principle applies to what we put on our skin.

You Must Be Sisters can be used in place of a moisturiser by combining it with our Botanical Balance calming tonic to create a simple yet indulgent experience for your face. For more information on this, please see below in 'How to Use'.

One other very important element to consider is your diet. We found with our daughter Coraline that what you eat is so important and by eliminating or reducing dairy and gluten intake for example, chronic skin conditions can often reduce or disappear very quickly.

If you need any help to discover the products which can help you to reach your skin goals, take our short skincare quiz


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    You Must Be Sisters - Collagen And Ceramides Boosting Facial Oil
    You Must Be Sisters - Collagen And Ceramides Boosting Facial Oil
    The benefits of Collagen Facial Oil by Coraline Skincare
    You Must Be Sisters - Collagen And Ceramides Boosting Facial Oil
    You Must Be Sisters - Collagen And Ceramides Boosting Facial Oil
    You Must Be Sisters - Collagen And Ceramides Boosting Facial Oil
    The benefits of Collagen Facial Oil by Coraline Skincare
    You Must Be Sisters - Collagen And Ceramides Boosting Facial Oil

    Our recommended skincare routine

    We recommend that you switch to using natural and organic skincare products.

    Recommended day and night facial routine:

    • Wash your face with either our Calming Chamomile or Nettle Settle soap bar.
    • Apply a couple of spritzes of Botanical Balance (or a dash of tap water).
    • Follow with a few drops of one of our facial oils (You Must be Sisters to boost collagen production and leave your skin glowing, SOS Recovery for dry and itchy skin salvation, or Keep the Peace to bring peace to your Breakout prone skin). You can mix and match the oils depending on what you feel your skin needs. Whilst using our products, we suggest that you don’t use any other products, in case they may be irritating your skin, so you can really tell if they work.

    Recommended body routine:

    • Wash your face with either our Calming Chamomile or Nettle Settle soap bar.
    • Follow with Saving Grace Body Balm or Soothe and Smooth Body oil.

    Hear from our customers...

    We have heard from many of our customers that most of the time their skin is much drier than before and more sensitive, and so the products they find most effective are ones which address this.

    We have also heard that using our Keep the Peace Facial Oil when experiencing hormonal breakouts is very beneficial. Here is a review on our Keep the Peace Facial Oil from Ali R which encapsulates this.

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    Top 10 Ingredients for Menopausal Skin

    Harnessing the power of nature, we share the 10 organic or wild-harvested ingredients we use in our skincare, proven to help relieve the symptoms commonly experienced in menopause, including fruits, florals and seeds.

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    FAQs from our customers with menopausal skin

    If the question that you are looking for is not listed, please send it to us and we will get back as soon as possible.

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