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Douglas Fir Soap Rack Sale

We believe that when you use our natural organic soap bars your skin will really feel the benefit. The combination of moisture rich oils and butters soaks into your skin to leave it feeling soft, hydrated and velvety smooth.

The natural way that we make our soaps means that they are free from artificial stabilisers, so they are much more delicate, and sensitive to their environment. We recommend that you keep your soap dry in between use. Leaving the soap in a pool of water in the shower is guaranteed to create a soft and gooey mess in no time at all.

To help with this we decided to create something completely original using the finest natural and untreated Douglas Fir wood which we love for its beautiful ring marbling and its durability. We are so happy with the result. Our soap racks are handmade near Kings Lynn, Norfolk by third generation artisanal craftsmen Taylor and Sons.

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