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Why your skincare could be like being bitten by a snake

Not literally! On this week's video below Kevin uses the snake bite analogy to talk about how quickly the skin can absorb chemicals and toxins from skincare, directly into our bloodstream - like snake's venom. This highlights the importance of opting for natural, organic, high-quality ingredients which will nourish the skin, and the body.

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Our skin has a direct link into our bloodstream, unlike when we ingest foods where we have the digestive system to help us filter out any toxins before they reach our bloodstream. The skin is also our biggest organ, meaning what we apply to our face and body can have a huge impact on our overall health.

By opting for natural skincare products we are lessening our body's chemical load which can accumulate over time and lead to sensitivity, dryness and reactivity.

All our ingredients are 100% organic or wild-harvested and none of our products include fillers, bulking agents or chemical stabilisers - meaning you are only paying for skin-nourishing ingredients in our formulas.

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To read more on the potential harmful effects of different chemicals in many skincare products you can read our previous blog post

Below is also the conclusion from a paper published in 2019 in NCBI.




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